6 Of Our Favourite Vape Juice Flavours

Are you about to start an e-liquid business and wondering which flavours to stock? Truth is, with so much variety on the market these days, your customers will expect a lot of choice, so you’ll need plenty of flavours for them to choose from.

As a retailer, exploring different vape flavours can be an exciting journey. If you’re just starting out and you’re wondering what e-liquid flavours to stock when you come to purchase your wholesale vapes, to give you an idea of what customers are looking for we’ve put together this list of six of our favourite flavours which also happen to be best-sellers.

Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry, also known as Blue Razz, has been a mainstay since the very first e-liquid flavours were released, and no vape juice collection would be complete without it.

Sweet and tart goodness that’s juicy and indulgent, this flavour combines the vibrant taste of ripe, candied raspberries with a hint of blueberry goodness. The result is a refreshing and invigorating vape that's perfect for all-day enjoyment. 

Blue Razz is often marketed as a reincarnation of the popular blue ice-pops we all remember from our childhood. This nostalgic angle is a great way to attract potential customers as these frozen indulgences were incredibly popular during their heyday.


Watermelon is a certified classic that never goes out of fashion. In fact, polls have shown that watermelon is the second most popular fruit flavour

Vaping watermelon-flavoured e-liquid is like biting into a juicy slice of the real thing and it’s guaranteed to have customers salivating and coming back for more. 

The natural sweetness of watermelon makes it an ideal choice for those with a sweet tooth. 

However, while it’s undoubtedly a sweet flavour, it’s not overpoweringly so, like some candy flavours are. This means it can be targeted at those who like natural, fruity flavours too.


Another exotic fruit that makes for a fantastic vape flavour is mango, which whisks the vaper off to a tropical retreat with every delicious puff! 

Mango-flavoured vape juice captures the essence of this tropical fruit. The rich, succulent flavour of ripe mangoes delivers a sweet and slightly tangy taste that's irresistible to tropical fruit lovers. 

As well as being delicious, mango also happens to be one of the most popular flavours around. Whether it’s for e-liquid or disposables, it doesn’t matter – customers just can’t get enough of it! So make sure mango is included in your offerings as it’s sure to be one of your most popular flavours.

Pink Lemonade

For a vape flavour that combines the zesty punch of lemons with a touch of sweetness and succulent berries, pink lemonade is the perfect answer. This flavour is like sipping on a glass of homemade lemonade infused with blissful berries on a warm summer evening. 

The harmonious blend of tangy lemon and sugary goodness dances on your palate, making it a firm favourite among vapers and an absolute shoe-in for your e-liquid stock.


No list of favourite vape flavours would be complete without the inclusion of cherry! Bold, sweet and slightly tart notes of ripe cherries create a luscious vaping experience. 

Each puff delivers a burst of fruity goodness reminiscent of taking a bite out of a fresh, juicy cherry. So for fruit lovers, or for anyone who can’t get enough of cherry-flavoured goodies, this vape flavour is sure to have a place on their shopping list.


Last but most certainly not least, let's not forget about the classic cola flavour. Fizzy and oozing with sweet, aromatic goodness, Cola vape juice captures the essence of your favourite carbonated beverage in a vapeable form. 

Remarkably authentic with the familiar blend of sweet and slightly spicy notes that cola enthusiasts adore, when you vape cola flavour, it's like enjoying a cold can of soda but without any of the belt-busting calories.

So given that cola is hands down the most popular carbonated drink on the planet, selling cold-flavoured e-liquid should be an absolute doddle, making this one a real no-brainer.

Vaping allows your customers to explore a world of delicious and exciting flavours, and our six favourites - blue raspberry, watermelon, mango, pink lemonade, cherry and cola - are just the tip of the iceberg.

In truth, your customers will be searching for a massive variety of offerings as some may prefer candy or classic flavours, while others might enjoy fruit or dessert juices. Remember this when you come to purchasing your wholesale vapes.

Regardless of which juices your customers prefer, you can’t really go wrong with the five we’ve recommended. Not only are these delicious but they’re some of the most popular on the market making them guaranteed top-sellers.