Common Vape Device Issues And How They Can Be Solved

If you own a vape shop, you may find that customers will occasionally come to you for help and advice with their vaping devices if they are experiencing issues.

Many issues with vaping devices can be quickly and easily solved, therefore being knowledgeable on how to fix these small problems can be helpful and beneficial in building good customer relationships.

One common issue with vapes is that they're not firing or are not producing any vapour. This can be caused by a variety of different problems however the most common are battery or coil issues.

If the battery has been charged and is still not powering the device, you should suggest the customer purchase a new battery or have it replaced as it is likely faulty or has broken.

If the coil is the issue, it may simply need to be replaced or screwed into the device more securely to allow it to work correctly.

Another common issue with vapes is that they taste burned or unpleasant. This is most commonly due to an old or burnt-out coil.

Replacing the coil, allowing it to soak thoroughly and filling the tank should solve this issue, however, if it persists you may wish to suggest the customer reduce the power of their device if it is customisable as it may be too high for the coil they are using.

Another common issue is leaking. Vapes which use tanks can often be prone to leaking and this is likely because the seal has broken or has not been replaced correctly.

Taking the tank apart, thoroughly cleaning it and checking the seal is in the right place then putting it together, ensuring it is fitted tightly and securely, before refilling should fix this issue.

Remind the customer not to overfill their device as this can cause it to leak and overflow which may damage the device.

There may also be a small crack in the tank, in which case the entire piece will need to be replaced to prevent further leaks.

Most vaping devices come apart into their separate sections and therefore placing the glass of the tank can be very quick, simple and easy and shouldn’t take long or be costly at all.

If someone is experiencing spit back, when hot vape juice spits into the mouth when inhaling, or a spitting sound when using their vape it may be due to a variety of different reasons.

One is that there is too much or too little airflow, which can cause issues with the vape juice and how it is taken in through the coil. Adjusting airflow settings may prevent this and most devices do have adjustable airflow settings.

Another issue may be that the coil is not secure and liquid has found its way into other parts of the vape, therefore causing it to spit. In this case, ensure the coil is fully fitted and has been properly soaked with vape juice before using.


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