Could Vaping Packaging Face Same Restrictions As Tobacco?

Vaping products could soon potentially face the same restrictions on packaging as tobacco goods, a development that e-cigarette vendors may well want to keep abreast of.

According to the Standardised Packaging of Tobacco Regulations 2015, packets of cigarettes need to be a certain colour; brand names can only be specified in font and text size; and have to be plain so as to not promote smoking. 

The government introduced the limitations to make cigarettes less appealing, especially to young people, and to make health warnings more obvious. The ultimate goal is to reduce smoking rates by making the packaging as bland as possible. 

Health and social care committee chair Steve Brine has called the government to take “decisive action” to do the same for vaping packaging. 

He added this will help manage the “alarming trend in the number of children vaping and to protect them from its harmful effects”. 

The committee, therefore, wants to bring restrictions in line with tobacco goods’. 

It also wants the government to do more to prevent vaping liquids being sold to children by reviewing the enforcement powers of trading standards. 

According to the group, more also needs to be done to reduce the number of illegal products on the market, as these often contain harmful chemicals, including antifreeze. 

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If packaging is made to look blander and less appealing to children, this could encourage more smokers to take vaping as a means of quitting more seriously. 

Professor Ann McNeil from King’s College London recently told Action On Smoking Health the public’s concern about young people vaping is overshadowing the health benefits of swapping cigarettes for vapes. 

However, any possible packaging changes could take a while to bring in and for manufacturers to alter all their packets.