Why You Should Always Stock Ice Vapes

Ever since vape devices and the e-liquids used to refill them started to gain mainstream popularity, ice-flavoured vapes have been up there among the best sellers.

A combination of maximum refreshment, great flavour and their appeal to all types of vapers means they’re sure to fly off the shelves almost as soon as you can stock them. If you own a vape store or you’re thinking of starting one, ice vapes are a must.

Still not fully convinced? Well, luckily for you, we’ve put together this blog post which will set out exactly why a vape store should always stock ice flavour vapes, as well as explaining what it is that makes them so incredibly popular. 

Unbeatable Refreshment

One of the main reasons why ice vapes continue to be a hit among customers is the unique cooling sensation they provide. The use of menthol or cooling agents like Koolada delivers a refreshing and invigorating experience with every puff.

As well as adding an exciting twist that’s unique to these vapes, they’re also incredibly satisfying, especially on hot days or during moments when you’re flagging and could use a quick pick-me-up!

Versatility In Flavour

Another attractive benefit of ice vapes is their versatility when it comes to flavour profiles. Whether your customers prefer fruity, dessert or beverage-inspired e-liquids, chances are there's an ice version available to suit their taste buds. 

Appeal To Ex-Smokers

Another reason ice vapes tend to sell so well is they have dual appeal as they can attract both seasoned vapers and ex-smokers. 

As well as being a firm favourite among experienced vapers, they’re also attractive to former smokers making the transition to vaping who may find menthol or ice flavours reminiscent of the cool and soothing sensation they once enjoyed with menthol cigarettes. 

Offering ice vapes is a clever move for vape retailers looking to cater to both types of vaper, bolstering sales by capturing as much of the wider market as possible. 

The Menthol Ban

After the European Union's menthol cigarette ban which was implemented in 2020, menthol cigarette smokers were impacted heavily, forcing many of them to find alternatives.

This opened up a gap in the market and provided a unique opportunity for the vaping industry to offer attractive alternatives in the form of ice and menthol vapes. Once the ban came into force, many of those who were menthol-only smokers moved away from cigarettes completely, which merely added to the popularity of ice vapes.

Why Retailers Should Stock Ice Vapes

Now that we've gone over the importance of ice vapes in the market and explained why they’re so popular among new and long-standing vapers, let's discuss why vape retailers should always have a decent variety of ice flavours in their product range.

Helps Meet Customer Demand

If you’re working in retail then you’ll know just how important catering to customer demand actually is. When a specific product category gains traction and captures the interest of a substantial portion of your customer base (like ice-flavoured vapes clearly have) this is a clear indicator that you should stock it.

A stalwart for many years now, ice vapes have consistently demonstrated their appeal, making them a must-have for retailers looking to meet customer expectations and maximise their sales.

Expanding Product Variety

Getting new customers is just as important as retaining the ones you already have, and diversifying your product range is an effective way to do this. 

Ice vapes provide an excellent opportunity to enhance your selection. Customers are always much more likely to return to a retailer that offers a wide range of options as they know there’s a good chance they’ll find the e-liquids that align with their preferences. They’re also more likely to recommend you to their friends and family.

Staying Competitive

In a highly competitive industry that’s always evolving such as vaping, sadly those who stand still  get left behind. So with new products and flavours constantly emerging all the time, you need to stay in touch with what’s going on to stay competitive and remain relevant in the market. 

On the flip side, if you’re not stocking popular products like ice vapes then this could worry and potentially put off prospective new customers. Customers are more likely to choose retailers that keep up with the latest trends and offer innovative products, so stocking ice vapes is clearly a must.

Fostering Customer Loyalty

Providing sought-after products like ice vapes can foster customer loyalty. If customers find their preferred e-liquids consistently available at your store, then obviously there’s a better chance of them becoming a repeat customer.

As touched on already, creating loyalty by providing a good customer experience means positive word of mouth and better online reviews, which will benefit your business in the long run.

Upselling Opportunities

With lots of customers looking for recommendations on flavours and vaping equipment, Ice vapes also present upselling opportunities. 

For instance, you can suggest complementary products such as high-quality tanks or coils that enhance the ice vape experience. Likewise, you might suggest two flavours that mix well together for customers who enjoy creating their own flavours.

Offering bundle deals or promotions can also encourage customers to explore other items in your inventory, allowing you to use ice vapes to boost the sales of other product ranges.

So those are the main benefits of stocking ice vapes. Their unbeatable refreshment, combined with their versatility and appeal to vapers new and old make them deserving of a place in every vape retailer’s stock.

If you’re not currently stocking ice vapes then this failure to utilise one of the most popular product ranges on the market means you’re missing out on a massive stream of revenue that would undoubtedly grow your business and help retain existing customers while helping to attract new ones.

We stock a massive range of ice vapes. So if you’re looking to bulk buy vapes and you fancy stocking up on some ice flavours, you’re in the right place!